Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Company in Toronto

In the web connected world of today, there is an increasing and immediate need to build the Online Presence of any brand. This is not only because of the increase in time spend by target markets online, but also because the promotion and advertising can be done at a fraction of the cost compared to other media. Our digital marketing team in Toronto and Vancouver are experts at effectively promoting your brand and increasing your sales online. This includes SEO, Pay per Click Search Engine Marketing, Online Display Advertising and Social Media Marketing.


SEO is a primary method of online advertising wherein measures are taken to increase the presence of your website in the organic search results.

Pay per Click Search Engine Marketing

In this method of advertising, an amount is paid per click to the search engine company to display your ad. Payments accrue only when the ad is clicked by the audience.

Online Display Advertising

In this method of advertising, your image or video ads are placed in websites like blogs, youtube, etc. payments accrue per view of the ad.

Social Media Marketing

This includes both paid and organic promotion of your brand in social media sites like facebook, twitter etc.

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